CBD Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Really Take?

CBD Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Really Take?

Wayne Holt
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CBD Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Really Take?

Have you thought about trying CBD for some time? Or maybe you are using CBD and not quite sure you’re taking the correct amount. Knowing how much you should take daily is something we constantly think about it. 

“I am thinking of upping my CBD dose but not sure how to proceed. Any thoughts?”

Well, there is no simple answer…. And definitely not a one-size-fits-all.

We have to take into consideration many factors such as: height, body weight, age, and not to mention, if you have any underlying health conditions. 

These are all important when determining your ideal CBD dosage for optimal health.

In this guide, we’ll show you the general guidelines and best practices most people follow when on (or starting) a CBD regimen. Having a good understanding of how to calculate an adequate dosage is key to experiencing the full benefits of CBD.


What’s the right amount for you?

People have been raving about CBD and the amazing health benefits. Like this one customer, It helps me with my hip pain, my husband doesn't believe in anything and he said this really works with his neck pain, he really likes it.”

There could be many reasons why you are searching for a high-quality CBD. Some of the common reasons are:

  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • improve sleep
  • reduce seizures in people with epilepsy
  • soothe pain and inflammation
  • improve heart health
  • improve symptoms of inflammatory

Our best recommendation is to start with a low dose (10-15mg) to see how your body reacts. This approach let’s you determine overtime your tolerance level. Then, slowly increase the dosage until you find the most effective amount. 

Also, talking and partnering with your doctor is highly recommended. Especially if you are on medications. Here’s a few questions to help start the conversation.

So what is the right amount for you?

Some of the factors you need to consider while figuring out the right amount for your body are:

  • How much do you currently weigh?
  • What condition are you treating?
  • What is your current body chemistry? (ask your doctor)
  • What form of CBD are you considering (gummies, drops, topical, etc…)

Let’s think about it this way - the more body weight you are carrying will potentially need a higher CBD dosage. The same can be said for your tolerance level. 

If you ever took an aspirin or tylenol and one did the job. There’s no need to take two, right? A small amount worked for you. And vice versa… if you're a person that needs two tylenols, then you are more tolerable to a higher dosage. 

Always remember, start with a low dose and increase slowly. You’ll see this repeated throughout this guide because we want you to be safe and feel better.


How to calculate dosage for optimal health?

How to Calculate Dosage for Optimal Health

Photo by Leafly.com

Before we jump into the specific for calculating your dosage. Take a moment to understand the graph above. We mentioned this above, but this chart is awesome because optimal does = high benefit. The goal is for you to achieve optimal health (using an optimal dosage).

On the other hand, I also want you to understand that starting with a low dose is OK. As you slowly increase the dosage eventually you’ll hit the optimal amount. 

However, we sometimes believe more means better. It’s the feeling of instant gratification, but there is no magic to make it disappear overnight. That’s far from the truth. Don’t be quick to increase your dosage, slow and steady often works best. 

Your goal is to reap the benefits, get a feel for how your body responds, and minimize side effects (diarrhea, fatigue, changes in appetite, and/or weight). If this means starting on a low dose (for example, 2mg) and gradually increasing by 2-5mg per dose until you hit your sweet spot. Then, do it. 

See the dosage chart below, which will serve as your guide.

Use the dosage chart to below as a guideline:





























Feel free to try our CBD Calculator to help you find your optimal dose. The calculator will suggest a daily dose after answering 3 short questions. These questions include:

  • Who are you? (human, dog/cat, horse)
  • Your ailment? (anxiety, migraines, pain, etc…)
  • Your body weight? 

It’s simple. And if you need help converting from lbs and kg, mL and oz, and % to mg use the conversion calculator.

One thing to note, CBD is not regulated by the FDA. Make sure you choose only high-quality products. Brands that use a reputable third-party testing lab and display it on their website are best. So you know exactly what you are getting. At all cause avoid brands with inaccurate labeling, especially if you are buying from your local gas station. 


Does CBD Start Working Immediately

CBD does not magically start working overnight after a single dose. Be patient. It’s best to keep track of your usage and note your dosage, and any discomfort for at least a week or maybe two.


When you use CBD continuously it’s more effective, rather than a one-time dose. 


How much CBD is too much?

Practice patients, especially as a first-time user. You have to give the CBD time to adjust to your body in order to experience any effects. Or maybe you are currently taking a higher dose and feel really good. We suggest you stay right where you are and do not risk increasing your dosage.

Some of the symptoms you can experience include dry mouth, decreased appetite, vomiting, low blood pressure, or lightheadedness. 


How to talk to your doctor about CBD?

Before you speak with your doctor, do your own research. Ask yourself: Why are you interested in CBD? Are you trying to relieve chronic pain? Do you want to reduce anxiety?

Having knowledge about CBD makes the conversation a lot easier with your doctor. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be honest why you are considering CBD. Making a list of your questions. Don’t be shy to ask your doctor. They may be very receptive to answering them.

If your doctor doesn’t care to answer, you can always speak with a pharmacist. They can give you answers right over the phone. Make sure to inform them of any existing medications you are currently taking. So they can provide honest feedback on how CBD will interact with any of your prescriptions. 

Always remember, start low and increase your dosage in small amounts over time. 

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