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  1. Pet CBD Dog Treats
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    Dog Treats 300mg 10mg | 30 Pieces
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    CBD CAT Treats 300mg 10mg | 30 Pieces

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Nurture Your Pet with CBD Treats

CBD is proven to be an effective, natural alternative to veterinary medications in the treatment of various illnesses. The research on CBD continues and the findings continue to impress. As a result, the use of CBD products for pets is steadily increasing.

Looking to put your pet on a CBD regimen but don't know where to start? No worries, we are here to help! At King Buddha, all of our natural pet CBD products support animal wellness by harnessing the medicinal benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

At King Buddha, we offer high-quality CBD for Pets. Specially formulated from non-GMO, U.S.A grown hemp through natural farming practices, our Pet CBD products are manufactured to enhance health and wellness, helps in digestion, support joint, and muscular function, and provide relief to your furry friend. Share the love, care, and therapeutic potential of our CBD pet products with your furry companion. Explore our CBD for Pets.

All Natural CBD for Cats

We love pets, particularly those fussy cats! Those cute yet particular creatures really put to us to uncover only the superior CBD products for cats, so we performed our due diligence with greater intensity than usual.

Your cat may be choosy, but he/she is also thankful when you offer them the healthy treat. With our broad-spectrum CBD cat treats, your cat will be feeling good in many ways than one: from the great taste buds to the enhanced physical sensations to the knowledge that you still love, care and serve your lovely cat in a good way.

CBD Treats for Dogs

At King Buddha, we know the difference between cats and dogs goes way beyond purrs and barks. Where cats can be choosy, most dogs have "adventurous" diets; their food choices are less particular, which made manufacturing exceptional CBD dog products for them simpler, but just as much fun to offer your furry friend delicious CBD treats. Make your dog happy and healthy with our cruelty-free CBD products. Buy CBD for Petsonline now!

Our vegan CBD products are specially formulated to provide wellness benefits to your pet — no matter what size or breed. Our organic CBD pet products are made with the high quality ingredients and are all-natural. Help your furry friend live their best with natural, safe, and healthy CBD treats! Shop CBD treats for dogs and cats online with us!

Pet CBD Products Dosage

Our 100% natural CBD products for pet comes with clear instructions, which include pet CBD serving size. We always recommend begin CBD for your pet with a small dose. This will help you to determine the right CBD serving size for your pet.

Every pet is different in size, and other factors may affect their ability to absorb CBD. Be patient, so that your furry companion can enjoy their CBD treats experience fully.

Do Veterinarians Recommend CBD Products for Pets?

Many veterinarians recognize the popularity of pet CBD products and know many pet owners who give CBD to their pets. Feel free to discuss CBD options with your pet's healthcare provider.

CBD treats offer owners a pre-dosed CBD that’s quite easy to administer. Pet treats can also be conveniently transported around when on walks or at the park.

Independent Lab Tested CBD Products for Pets

Our CBD products are formulated with efficiency and safety in mind. All of our products contain organic CBD oil, extracted from the hemp plant with CO2. And we back up all of claims about the purity of CBD for pets with the third-party lab-tested results. Rejuvenate your pet with our high-grade CBD pet products.

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