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CBD or Delta 8 Gummies



CBD Gummies and Delta 8 Gummies are of the most requested product categories that we offer.

Our award winning chemistry team has experience developing industrial level formulations of delectable edibles and CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies and Delta 8 Gummies are often taken for overall health and wellness purposes, but can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Gummies are one of our edible products, which means that unlike tinctures they are intended to be fully ingested.

The effects of these gummies will be slower to activate than those of the tinctures and topical products.

This is because the active ingredients won’t be absorbed until they are broken down in the digestive tract.

They then enter the bloodstream and are carried to the liver, where they are metabolized and released back up to the brain. Factors such as metabolism, sex, weight and diet can all effect the onset times of the gummies, along with the amount of time the effects will last.

If your goal is to offer a complete set of CBD infused products, gummies are essential to add to your product mix. Our chemistry team, in conjunction with our flavor engineers, have narrowed down the best gummy flavors.

Our gummies are one of our most customizable products, available in six different shapes and flavors, and with a wide variety of packaging options. Customize your product and we can supply small or large inventory at affordable pricing, while offering low MOQ’s.

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